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The Game

The WENTELS business game is a key tool of the e-Learning suite. When you learn by playing, you are reinforcing your training experience and you can easily retain the knowledge acquired.

WENTELS business game aims to provide a space for continuous self-directed learning, where you can put in practice the principles of managing a start-up business. As a player, you will have to take decisions in a real market environment that will affect the viability and profitability of your business.

There are two different business games, RETAIL and CONSULTANCY; so you can choose the one it most fit your business idea or play both to improve your knowledge.

In the RETAIL or commerce business game option, you will start-up a traditional retail shop (e.g. dairy products, food, beverages, etc...) so that you can learn about issues involved in the distribution of physical products. You will then need to decide about areas such as the product range, location of the premise, the initial investment you need and the marketing strategy for the services you provide.

On the other hand, with the CONSULTANCY business game option you will be selling a service, so a range of other issues need to be considered that are different from the concerns related to distributing products.

In both cases, you will be required to familiarise yourself with the financial statements of your company and will need to learn how to take effective business decisions in order to maximise your profit and so be in the top of the ranking of those who have payed the game.


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