The E-Learning Course

Users will find that the WENTELS e-Learning Course offers a comprehensive set of training materials focused on entrepreneurship.

The aim of the Course is to provide, to the target audience, accurate and useful knowledge about entrepreneurship and to improve the training offered to women who want to return to work.

If you want to update your knowledge because you are looking for a job, or wish to work on your own as a female entrepreneur, the topics offered by the Course and the Game, will help to enhance your learning experience and assist you with gaining confidence and new skills.

The Course covers subjects that all entrepreneurs need to know about in order to run their business successfully. You can see those topics in the following index, just click on the links and start learning.


The Course is available in five languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian and Swedish. Just click on the flags on top right to shift to your language.

WENTELS Course Index

1. Overview

1.1. Cultural issues for women in the workforce

1.2. Labour market issues

1.3. Types of business structure

2. Selling your business idea/skills

2.1. Selling your business idea

2.2. Selling your business skills

3. How to start a new business

4. Using ICT & new social media

5. Management & self-management

5.1. Teamwork

5.2. Time management

5.3. Negotiation

5.4. Equality and work-life balance

5.5. Management by values

5.6. Innovation

5.7. Internal and external communication

5.8. Emotional and social intelligence

5.9. Coaching

5.10. Leadership


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