José Antonio Crespo

OpenAula is a private Spanish training company integrated into the Erhardt Group which have a track record and experience dating back over more than a century.

OpenAula is focused on the e-Learning training segment and has its own on-line training methodology, develops contents, has its training management and distribution platform, and implements comprehensive training actions in the organisations. By marketing its technological services using the on-demand model, the customers do not need to invest in expensive technological infrastructures.

The OpenAula technology accepts any type of contents, whatever its format or standard and can also be fully integrated in the available human resources applications in the organisations.

C/ Ercilla, 19
48009 Bilbao - Vizcaya (Spain) 
T: +34 94 4245000
F: +34 94 4250130 

Marta Galvez-Canero

Aliter is an independent Spanish International Business School responsible, humane, independent and innovative.

Our aim is to produce graduates mature, responsible, ethical, combining technical training and humanist.

We were pioneers in the field of biotechnology, nanotechnology, wine tourism and corporate social responsibility and the first in Spain to join international relations and foreign trade.

We give special attention to the training of women leaders.


Marta Gálvez-Cañero
Academic Director

C/ Maestro Ripoll, 18
28006 – Madrid – España

T: +34 91 561 48 80
F: +34 91 561 48 80

Ajay Desai

The Chamber ( is an independent business organisation that provides practical assistance and support, to all companies in the Coventry & Warwickshire Region (United Kingdom) and which represents the views of its member businesses.

Jan L. Schreil

Företagarna creates better conditions to start, operate, develop and own businesses in Sweden. Our work is to promote entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial rights and contribute to a climate that makes it easy and attractive to power companies.

It should be easy and it should be worth the time to be an entrepreneur. Företagarnas watchword is freedom of trade and free competition. Our goal is for Sweden to be one of the most entrepreneur-friendly countries.

We are politically independent and we work with anyone who is of a more business-friendly policies. We talk to everyone - ministers and opposition, trade unions and organizations - all who want to work for a better business climate, and that not only give empty promises.

Although all political parties in theory of entrepreneurship is still too little to facilitate entrepreneurship and create more jobs. We want to change that! One of our main tasks is to clarify the relationship between entrepreneurship, growth and prosperity.

Företagarna is the largest business organization in Sweden. We represent 75,000 workers and has 260 local associations that make up a broad network. Our members are entrepreneurs who own their own businesses or who support our work.

Our work is characterized by that we're among entrepreneurs, large and small, throughout Sweden. We will therefore have a clear picture of what is important in order to make life easier for Swedish business owners and entrepreneurs.

Luca Azzani

Democenter-Sipe Foundation encourages interaction between businesses and the University, thus supporting the creation of relationships that will lead to research projects and contracts. Collaborations essential to innovation. The Center also assists firms in conceiving, drawing up and presenting innovation projects so that they can obtain essential public funding. Resources fundamental for innovation. Democenter-Sipe Foundation is this and much more, a concrete and effective partner at the disposal of businesses that want to take up the challenge of innovation.

Democenter-Sipe Foundation is a consortium that brings together public bodies, business associations, bank foundations and over 60 locally based enterprises. It has its headquarters on the campus of the ‘Enzo Ferrari’ Engineering Faculty in Modena, the ideal place for exploiting - through our services - the results of research conducted within the University, for the benefit of businesses. It takes its capabilities into the communities where the firms operate, thanks to front offices opened in Fiorano, Maranello, Vignola and Carpi and the Quality Center Network for the Mirandola biomedical industry. Democenter-Sipe Foundation belongs to the Emilia-Romagna regional High Technology Network and over time has started up numerous partnerships – including with the Area Science Park of Trieste and Coventry Chamber of Commerce – with the aim of finding the best answers to the needs of businesses that turn to it.

Stefan Spiridonov

Virtech is a Bulgarian R&D software company specialising in the advanced application of information and communication technologies (ICT). The company applies the knowledge and experience of international research and development into a wide range of services, consultancy, training and developments. It manages teams of high-skilled researchers, computer programmers, web designers, e-Work and e-Learning specialists. Virtech integrates their knowledge and experience of international research & development into a wide range of services including consultancy, training and software development.